Reell medvirkning offers advice, guidance and training to public offices, businesses and organizations working with participation, co-determination and public involvement.

We believe that citizens should be at the core of democratic decision-making processes.

We are experts at facilitating and promoting meaningful youth engagement and involvement. Participation of children and young people is one of the General principles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. We offer effective advice on youth participation, as pursuant to UNCRC Art. 12. Our goal is to ensure that all citizens – and especially children – are meaningfully involved in all matters affecting them.

Meaningful and effective participation and involvement leads to:

  • Engaged citizens: Enables ordinary people to play an active and influential part in decision-making processes about their own lives.
  • Public participation and dialogue strengthens and contributes to developing local democracies.
  • Innovation: new solutions to complex and challenging issues.
  • Ownership to development.
  • Locally anchored solutions leading to better outcomes.
  • Knowledge of democratic processes.

We tailor our team, methods and models to the specific assignments and contexts. We deliver effective advice, recommendations, completion of and training in:

  • Youth participation
  • Participatory learning
  • Urban development
  • City planning
  • Co-creation and co-determination
  • Training of local facilitators; both adults working with youth involvement, and youth facilitators. Facilitators are trained and receive continuous support on methods for engagement throughout the assignment
  • Training provided to help children acquire necessary skills
  • Mapping of current situation: Surveys, in depth interviews of relevant groups, and more
  • Planning and preparing of youth forums and hearings. We work in close consultation with contracting party
  • Developing participatory methods in collaboration with children and youth
  • Effective evaluation and reporting of participatory processes
  • Using results from participatory processes to give effective and genuine advice and recommendations on all topics
  • Youth-focused capacity-building
  • Engagement of youth on their rights and areas related to their rights
  • Public participation and dialogue in planning processes
  • Dialogue with municipalities and county authorities about the participation and influence of children
  • Advice on effective youth engagement / empowerment


City Planning and Urban Development: Trondheim Municipality

Unicef: Norwegian Rights Respecting Schools & Nordic Children’s Forum 2020

Save the Children Norway: «Oppdrag 31».


Reell medvirkning has a highly qualified team of consultants with extensive experience on participatory processes. We tailor our teams to the specific assignment and context.

Our team members are experts in youth participation, youth empowerment, urban development, city planning, democracy building, advocacy and policy making, training of youth facilitators, civic participation, capacity-building and rights.

Read more about our team and their CVs by clicking on the image (currently only in Norwegian).

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